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Best Tim Burton Movies

Tim Burton or Timothy Walter is an American director, writer, artist, animator and film producer. Burton is famous for his movies which are mostly unique storylines. His movies are mostly gothic, dark and have quirky fantasies. Almost every movie made by Tim has a different style and is always really appreciated by the viewers. The main star of many movies of Tim is Johnny Depp. Depp and burton are close friends and the storyline of a movie gets even better when it is acted by the multitalented Johnny Depp. Many pages can be filled if we will start writing about the movies of Tim burton.


One of the movies that went viral among the audience. Tim made this movie in 1989 and it became one of the most favorite movies by the viewers. Many movies have been made till today completing the series of Batman Movies. Tim managed to complete the movie in low budget and resulting in a great screenplay and story. Batman is loved by Kids, teenagers and even older people.

Big Eyes

When I started the movie big eyes, It seems like an ordinary story of ordinary women who married again. But after 20 minutes into the movie, I started falling in love with the strong story. Big eyes movie is one of the finest creations of Burton. The message is conveyed very beautifully that sometimes how the thing you fear the most can be your greatest weapon.

Corpse Bride

There is no wrong in saying that watching corpse bride, you will be cringed but at the same time, you will not be able to stop watching. The animation of corpse bride is nearly realistic. Tim wanted to show the message through corpse bride that love can be found in any places and any time of your life.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in wonderland is basically a kid movie but it is still loved by people of every age. The main character is played by Johnny Depp and that made the movie more appreciated by the viewers. The story is based on fantasy but still every viewer can relate to the story. It shows a journey of a girl who get lost in a place she never saw before.

Dark Shadows

Who does not like Vampires? Vampires are one of most famous fictional characters. Many movies and series made are based on this concept. Tim Burton’s dark shadows movie is one of the creepy and amazing movies. The story line is great as a vampire goes into a family of some weird people. It also includes Johnny Depp as the vampire in the cast of the movie.

Beetle Juice

This is an early masterpiece of Tim. This movie was released in 1988. Just like other movies of Tim Burton, this movie was highly appreciated by the audience. This movie teaches us how to deal with the unknown upcoming circumstances in life. The second part of the movie is recently released Beetle Juice 2.

Tim Burton was, is and will always be one of the unique produced in the film industry.

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